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Infused Water {part two}

Last week I told you about how I am trying to drink more water by putting all sorts of things in it. The combinations were quite zesty whereas this week I promised you more fruity combinations, and here they are.

Infused Water - Part Two a | The Pink Rose Bakery

I am not going to waffle on, because there really isn’t much point. All I am going to say is that the pomegranate & blackcurrant one really needs a good while to infuse, so I would make it the day before and let it all fuse and meld in the fridge. It’s because the flavours are quite delicate and therefore need a little more persuading to come out. And it doesn’t do any harm to squish a few of the blackcurrants either (even if they do then look like monsters from Doctor Who floating around in the water).

As it isn’t blackcurrant season yet, I used a few frozen from a bag of frozen berries.

Infused Water - Part Two b | The Pink Rose Bakery

And . . . in case you missed it, the link to part one is below.

Expect more summer fruity combinations in a few months time . . .

Infused Water - Orange Cucumber Mint | The Pink Rose Bakery

Orange, cucumber and mint.

Infused Water - Pomegranate Blackcurrent Thyme | The Pink Rose Bakery

Pomegranate, blackcurrant and thyme.

Last week:

Infused waters (part one) | The Pink Rose BakeryInfused waters {part one}


8 thoughts on “Infused Water {part two}”

  1. Does cucumber taste sweet in the water? Do you notice it with the orange and mint? I’ve seen other people say to use it, but I’m not generally a fan of it. So I’m wondering why people would want to use it in water? 🙂


  2. I love drinking infused waters, during the Summer I love mint & melon water or sometimes just mint. I’m really enjoying hot water with lemon and fresh ginger during our colder weather. Super post, I’m going to try the pomegranate, blackcurrant & thyme it sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing 😄


    1. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up a bit so that I can start throwing things like melon and strawberries into water. Apparently pineapple and mango work well too.
      I am also a fan of hot water and lemon – sometimes I put a bit of maple syrup in – it is very refreshing and feels as if it is doing you good! 🙂

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