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Craft Corner: March WIP

This is a short little post as I check in to update you with what I am working on at the moment, craft-wise.

Just the one project on the go (although there are a couple in the pipeline for when this one is finished) which is a crochet t-shirt type top. I first made it a couple of years ago in pale pink and have worn it so much that it warrants being made in another colour! Below is a little photo of the pink one so you can see what I am aiming for.

Pink Crochet Top

The pattern is in issue six of Simply Crochet magazine (you can order back copies of some issues, but I am not sure how far back they go) and this time I have chosen a lovely navy.

Navy for me is like black is for others. I am not a huge fan of black so will use navy as my default ‘dark’ colour, but by no means am I ever top to top in navy, however I find it suits my pale, cool toned complexion better than black.

March wip 3

The pattern specifies using Rowan Siena 4-ply, which I did use when I first made it. It is 100% cotton and shows up the stitches nicely, however they didn’t have a navy in the range so this time I am using Rowan Summerlite 4-ply which is 100% Egyptian cotton and has a pretty sheen to it. Now that I am starting to work with it, I think it may have a little more drape to it than the Siena yarn.

March wip 1

I am probably nearing the half way point on the back. It does work up quite quickly so you never know, I may have it finished by next month!


10 thoughts on “Craft Corner: March WIP”

    1. I think it is all about getting the right pattern for crocheted clothes. It is denser than knitting so you need to be careful that things don’t turn out to rigid! This pattern is great because it is quite lacy πŸ™‚

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  1. Seeing this REALLY makes me wish I could crochet properly. Life is too short, though, for everything I want to do.
    By the way, I want to thank you for putting me onto River Cottage Gluten Free. The Luscious Lemon Cake is fabulous!


    1. Your feelings on crochet is how I feel about quilting!

      River Cottage Gluten Free – you are very welcome. I was meaning to ask how you found it. I haven’t made the lemon cake yet but so far I can recommend the breakfast risotto (I make it and freeze it), the breakfast muffins, the caraway seed bread, the pizza base, the chocolate fondants, pumpkin pie porridge . . . I am sure there are some that I have missed!


      1. Oh, you’re not using it much, then! The lemon cake is Da Bomb, moist, intensely lemony, very moreish… The only comment I have is that the rice flour gives a slight grit to the texture, but actually, that’s a slight advantage because of a more interesting eating experience overall.


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