South-Western Belle | The Pink Rose Bakery

South-Western Belle

Carrying on with the whole 4th July theme, I have made us a cocktail.

South-Western Belle | The Pink Rose Bakery

It was going to be a Southern Belle, but when I came to make it I discovered that I didn’t have all the necessary ingredients as I had forgotten to look at the recipe prior to the supermarket visit. Opps.

South-Western Belle | The Pink Rose Bakery

Although, one of the ingredients was peach bitters. Angostura bitters can commonly be found in supermarkets and off-licences, but for anything else you are going to have to trawl the internet. I did a quick search. I found it, but let’s put it into context – was I really, in all honesty, going to use peach bitters again? Could I really justify purchasing a bottle for the sake of 4 drops in one drink?

Probably not. It all seemed a bit silly. But then, maybe having a bottle would tempt me to use it in other drinks? Possibly. The jury is still out. I could have made my own, of course, but I didn’t have the required 21 days to let it sit and mellow. And, according to the post I found about making your own, it actually works out more expensive than buying – although I realise that you would at least know exactly what was in it if you made it. Plus, where do you get 100% proof vodka from without someone looking at you suspiciously?

It was all too much of a faff considering that time was short. Therefore I substituted in some peach cordial – because that is what I had to hand – but, as always, if you already have peach bitters, or feel inclined to whip up a batch of your own, then please do that. As one of my favourite vloggers says “you do you, boo”.

South-Western Belle | The Pink Rose Bakery

Henceforth this is known as a South-Western Belle, as it based on a Southern Belle and I live the South-West of England, so . . . this seemed like a natural progression on the name front to me.

South-Western Belle | The Pink Rose Bakery

South-Western Belle



  1. Put some ice in a glass. Add the whiskey, Campari, orange juice, sorbet and peach cordial. Stir to mix.
  2. Top up with sparkling water and garnish with a strawberry and a sprig of mint.

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