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Fig & Rosemary Tini

Today sees the start of a new weekly post – Tipple Thursday!

In addition to the usually posts, every Thursday I will post a drink recipe. Sound good?

Some will contain alcohol and some won’t. Some will be my creation and some will be links to others that sound just too good to miss.

I had every intention of starting this new feature with a recipe of my own, but then this one popped up and well, it seemed like the perfect ‘tipple’ to get things started, mainly because, hello, fig infused vodka! 

I love figs and as they won’t be in season for much longer, now is the time to get infusing so there is plenty in store for Cringle-tide.

You’re welcome.

Fig & Rosemary Tini via A House In The Hills.



6 thoughts on “Fig & Rosemary Tini”

  1. Not allowed any booze right now because of the pain pills, bah humbug…. 😦 Not that I’m exactly a lush, but it’s rather like being told I can’t have chocolate – I immediately want some!


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