Craft Corner

Craft Corner: March WIP

This is a short little post as I check in to update you with what I am working on at the moment, craft-wise.

Just the one project on the go (although there are a couple in the pipeline for when this one is finished) which is a crochet t-shirt type top. I first made it a couple of years ago in pale pink and have worn it so much that it warrants being made in another colour! Below is a little photo of the pink one so you can see what I am aiming for.

Pink Crochet Top

The pattern is in issue six of Simply Crochet magazine (you can order back copies of some issues, but I am not sure how far back they go) and this time I have chosen a lovely navy.

Navy for me is like black is for others. I am not a huge fan of black so will use navy as my default ‘dark’ colour, but by no means am I ever top to top in navy, however I find it suits my pale, cool toned complexion better than black.

March wip 3

The pattern specifies using Rowan Siena 4-ply, which I did use when I first made it. It is 100% cotton and shows up the stitches nicely, however they didn’t have a navy in the range so this time I am using Rowan Summerlite 4-ply which is 100% Egyptian cotton and has a pretty sheen to it. Now that I am starting to work with it, I think it may have a little more drape to it than the Siena yarn.

March wip 1

I am probably nearing the half way point on the back. It does work up quite quickly so you never know, I may have it finished by next month!