4 thoughts on “2014 Advent Calendar”

    1. I have a horrid feeling that the snow on the blog will be the closest I will get again this year 😦

      Maybe next year I should do two – a wintery one and a summery one!


      1. Actually, Christmas in the tropics is rather fun. You can drift around in a linen summer dress, drink endless fruity cocktails, eat cold ham, prawns and salads and the dessert of choice is pavlova rather than pudding. Exercise after lunch is a trip to the beach to walk off the overeating. Decorations tend along the lines of silver and pastel shades rather than red and green. My Christmas tree is white and my baubles are pink and silver. Very girly, but I love it!


      2. We tend to go for a walk on the beach on Boxing Day, although the weather can sometimes be a challenge! Certainly no shorts.
        We have had a BBQ on boxing day before as well, but we passed things through the kitchen window to my Grandpa who was in charge of the cooking and was bundled up as it had snowed!
        Our Christmas tree is also white, with multi-coloured baubles. I do like traditional red and green but sometimes it is nice to mix it up a bit. Your tree sounds beautiful – very Cinderella!


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