Peanut Butter Cup Turkey Cookies

Photo taken from bake@350
Photo taken from bake@350

How utterly adorable are these?! Sadly I didn’t make them, Bridget over at Bake@350 did. She is such a clever lady. I love her blog because she comes up with some amazing way to decorate cookies.

Photo taken from Bake@350
Photo taken from Bake@350

These cookies were made with Thanksgiving in mind. We don’t have Thanksgiving in the UK, but these cookies are too cute not to make (and some have turkey at Christmas, so . . . )

The original recipe is here (and uses wheat flour), but why not join in the fun and use these gluten-free peanut butter cookies instead (just don’t sandwich them together with jam, obviously).

Gobble Gobble!

Photo taken from Bake@350


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