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Buckwheat Pan Bread

Picture taken from Edible Perspectives
Picture taken from Edible Perspectives

One of the things that concerns me about commercially made gluten-free bread is the fact that it refuses to go mouldy. The people in my household for whom gluten is still on the menu get home-made bread (albeit made in a bread machine, but still. I have made gluten-free bread in the machine, but it comes out quite gluey). During the heat-wave we had back in July the ‘normal’ bread went mouldy in the blink of an eye, whereas my supermarket bought gluten-free bread put up a resilience that would make an army proud.

But do I really want to eat bread that will not grow mould? What on earth is in it that means it won’t turn furry?

Then I came across this recipe on Edible Perspectives for buckwheat pan bread and now I am eating them all the time. I have had them with cheese, cheese and tomato, peanut butter & nutella, just nutella, used them for a bacon sandwich and just sandwiches in general. I also think they will make a decent (and quick) pizza base. I love them.

And they are a gazillion times better for you than that indestructible commercially made stuff.

I just make the buckwheat ones plain, without the cinnamon that it mentions in the recipe, because I’m using them as normal bread, but I think they would be yummy with cinnamon, or even chopped chives for a savoury twist. Also, I use regular milk rather than almond milk.

Just a couple of words of advice – as annoying as it may seem, please only make these one at a time. If you try to make a batter for two or more at once, by the time you come to make the second one, the batter will have thickened so much that you won’t be able to spread it. And be patient, let them sit in the pan until they lift off easily with a spatula. Try to turn them too soon and they will stick and make and almighty mess. (I have learnt these lessons myself the hard way!)


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