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DIY// Felt Bookmarks

If you are anything like me, you think that cookbooks should come with more than one ribbon. Some even have the audacity to have no ribbons at all!

If a cookbook is any good it will contain at least one recipe that you make on a regular basis, and until you have it completely memorised the ribbon will mark the page (and you may want to keep it there for reassurance). Now you have allocated the one and only ribbon how do you mark the pages with recipes you want to try soon or even another recipe that you use often?

Usually with supermarket receipts . . . or pieces of hastily ripped scrap paper . . . or research notes that you think have disappeared into the abyss because you only meant to use them temporarily before replacing them with something more appropriate . . . or a stray shoe lace . . . or a flat fridge magnet . . .

You get the idea, it is usually with whatever is closest to hand.

Which got me thinking – why not make something that will do the job better and look prettier.

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I gave Jamie a Jammy Dodger, because I thought he would appreciate it.

All you need is some ribbon or elastic, felt, and adornments like beads or buttons, plus some thread to sew it all together. Although if you feel your hand sewing skills are not up to scratch you can always glue the pieces together. It will make them more rigid, but will avoid a potential tantrum.

If you are a genius at free style drawing and / or cutting then feel free to cut out your desired shapes as you wish. If like me you are more likely to end up with a collection of amoebas if you try to do it free style, then use cookie cutters as a template (or you could print something from the internet and cut around that).

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Although I have made mine food items, there are no limits as to what you could make. How about some acorns or flowers for a gardening book? A dinosaur for a history book? Or even just a wiggly worm with a smiley face. The choice is yours.

If you are giving someone a book for Christmas – food related or otherwise – why not make them a bookmark to go with it. That way they won’t have to use a spare cat collar . . . or a tax return form . . .

Felt Bookmark Collage

Felt Bookmarks


  • Ribbon or elastic
  • Felt in assorted colours
  • Needle and thread
  • Embellishments such as beads or buttons etc.
  • Scissors
  • Cookie cutters or paper templates


  • To make the doughnut – cut two circles from brown felt and one from white (or any other colour you wish to use for the icing). Trim the white piece so that it has wiggly edges, like icing (draw guidelines on it before hand if you are worried about removing too much). Place the white icing on top of one of the brown circles. Use small beads as sprinkles and stitch them in place, going through both the white and brown felt – the beads will hold the icing in place and all the thread will be hidden from view when you sandwich the two brown circles together. Position your ribbon between the two brown felt circles and using a small running stitch, sew all around the edge making sure to lift the icing out-of-the-way. You don’t want to stitch on top of the icing as that would spoil the aesthetic. Also ensure that you stitch through the ribbon to hold it in place.
  • To make the cupcake – pick a colour of felt for the case and draw round the whole of the cookie cutter (this will act as the base). Embellish the case part with sparkly thread if you wish. Pick another colour for the icing and draw around the top of the cookie cutter. Cut it out, giving it an uneven wavy bottom, like icing. Attach a button or circle of felt to the top for the cherry. Using a small running stitch attach the icing to the base, sandwiching the ribbon between the two at the top, underneath the cherry, and ensuring you stitch through the ribbon to hold it in place. You could embellish the icing with bead sprinkles before attaching if you wish.
  • To make the star – cut two star shapes from felt. Sandwich the ribbon between the two and using a small running stitch and sparkly thread (if desired) sew all the way around, ensuring you stitch through the ribbon to hold it in place.
  • To make the Jammy Dodger – cut a piece of elastic that is slightly longer than the height of your book. Fold the elastic in half, overlapping the ends, and stitch together. Cut two circles from light brown felt and one from red felt. Cut out a small heart from the middle of one of the brown circles. Place this circle over the red one and using a small running stitch, sew around the outline of the heart, joining the two pieces together. Position the elastic underneath the red felt so that the join is hidden from view. Place the second brown circle on the bottom (so you have created a sandwich with the elastic and red felt in the middle) and using a small running stitch sew around the edge, making sure you stitch through the elastic to hold it in place.