November 2014 – Fireworks and First Frosts

Round up time again. It’s quite a long one this month, go grab a cuppa before you start . . .

Nov Food & Drink Collage

1) This Candy Bar Cheesecake Mountain – WHAT????!!! Chocolate bars in a cake topped with cheesecake that contains more chocolate bars and then covered in caramel sauce, peanuts and more chocolate. Stop. It. I want to stick my face in it.

2) Pink prosecco jelly with pomegranates on top – I’m sold. And not just because it’s pink. Well, maybe that has more to do with it than I’m willing to admit . . . but it is also festive.

3) Is this not the best brussel sprout salad you have ever seen?

4) More sprouts (one of my favourite vegetables so apologies if you can’t stand them) this time roasted and served with pecorino and pecans.

Nov Food Related Collage

1) Think a piece of fruit is a healthier alternative to cake? Turns out it may not be as good for you as you thought. This article explains the ‘sweet-creep’ that is doing us more harm than good.

2) It’s difficult to choose a favourite from all these hot chocolate stencils, but my love (and hope) for snow prevailed!

3) Gold Jingle Bell Drink Stirrers – yes they will look unbelievably festive in drinks but you also know that you will tuck one behind each ear and one in the top of each sock / slipper and canter around the house horsey / reindeer style.

4) These Christmas embossed rolling pins are beautiful. How pretty will pastry look with one of these?

Nov Beauty Faves Collage

This month I have been mainly obsessed with lips:

1) Not so much a discovery as a re-discovery – Blistex Relief Cream. My lips (and skin in general) like to behave like the Sahara Desert and the weather at this time of year plays havoc with it. I found this tube of relief cream lurking at the bottom of a basket in the bathroom and I have been slathering it on every morning in an attempt to keep the nasty chapped flakies at bay.

2) Revlon Colourstay Moisture Stain in 005 Parisian Passion – this is a real departure for me colour wise. For ages I haven’t ventured further than the neutral section when it comes to lips, but I saw this recommended and decided to give it a go. So glad I did as I love it! The colour isn’t very clear from the picture but it is a blackberry shade, which is perfect for my pale skin. The only down-sides are that I find it a little bit drying and it doesn’t last all that long. If all you are doing is talking, then fine, but if there is any eating, drinking, or mistletoe action then you will need to reapply.

3) Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in 54 Boy – this is the only lipstick I have ever bought more than one of! It is my perfect ‘nude’ shade and great for days when you just need a little something-something on your lips. Love it. Probably my favourite lipstick ever!

4) Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Ripe Raspberry – I got this in my Birchbox a couple of months ago and have been obsessed with it ever since. It gives a subtle colour which could easily be vamped up with some lip gloss over the top. Great for days when you want to look like you have made an effort, without actually having made much effort at all!

5) Zoya nail polish in Blair – my favourite metallic red shade for this time of year. It is pretty much all I will wear on my fingers until we get a little closer to Christmas, when the bright red will come out.

6) REN Evercalm Anti-Redness Serum – I have tried a few REN serums and not been overly fussed about them but this one is great for calming down my sensitive, prone to blushing, skin. I use it every morning and alternate it in the evening with a facial oil depending on how dry my skin is feeling. It really has made a difference to the appearance of my skin – so much more even in tone.

Nov Misc Collage

1) I love this pastel pom-pom wreath – even though it is ridiculously expensive! That said, it would be easy to make your own. Although I think it would be even more festive with a sparkly bow, preferably removable because then this could stay up all year round!

2) Cute wrapping paper featuring gnomes ski-ing with candy canes. The hedgehogs are pretty cute too.

3) I wish I had or knew a person small enough to wear these reindeer booties because . . . I mean, come on . . . adorable on the highest level!

4) Diddy tiny snowflake earrings – I need them!

5) Pom-pom filled baubles, just because, and who doesn’t love a pom-pom?

6) Not my usual choice for tree ornaments but these Horrible Hooligans made me smile!

7) I think this has to be the one of the cutest Christmas cards I have ever seen.

8) The Land of Oh have so many pretty fabrics but I think my current favourite is this one featuring deers.


NB – All items featured in this post are things I have spied on my trips around the internet or items I have purchased myself. This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

Please share your favourites below!