August Favourites

How is it almost September already? I have no idea.

Here are my favourites from August around the internet and also your favourite recipes on the bakery (just in case you missed them)!

Aug Food & Drink Collage

1) If you follow me on Instagram then you will have already seen the latest addition to my cookbook family. I wasn’t going to buy one this month but this one leapt out at me. It is providing some much-needed inspiration on the lunch front. Not all the recipes are gluten-free, but the ones that aren’t can easily be adapted. For example, use your favourite gluten-free bread for the sandwich ideas or swap cous-cous or bulgar wheat for quinoa or rice. I almost bought two more books the other weekend but managed to talk myself out of it. Just.

2) I am a huge watermelon fan and these spiked watermelon pops have my name all over them!

3) Continuing with the watermelon theme, these cocktails contain watermelon and elderflower – two of my favourite things.

4) Strawberry Gin Sours – need I say more!

5) Just to prove that I am not completely driven by the need for alcohol (seriously I’m not, despite what this collection might suggest, typically alcohol evaporates before I drink it), here are some watermelon ginger sparklers.

6) This avocado, wild rocket and cashew pesto will be making it onto the lunch menu very shortly.

7) Is it too early to be thinking about brussel sprouts?? This recipe for them with rice and tahini dressing is a new way to eat them.


Aug Food Related Collage

1) I’ve been admiring ceramic fruit baskets for a while now. Maybe I should give in and get one.

2) Love this stamp your own cookie kit – oh the things you could write! Now all I need to do is find a gluten-free cookie recipe that will withstand the stamping . . .

3) Bling up breakfast time with these gold bowls and mugs.

4) I picked up these small aluminium jelly moulds at a second-hand market for £1.50!

5) A deck chair with jellies on! Need I say more?

6) Also quite taken with these gold trimmed measuring cups.


Aug Misc Collage

1) Time to pretty up your computer again, and as a new season is approaching it is only right that our tech has a new wardrobe too. Get yours (there are other patterns to choose from) from here.

2) Making my own fabric using rubber stamps has been on my to-do list for a while now. This collection of rubber stamps is full of inspiration. My favourites are the flamingo and the Scandi bird.

3) I have always been a traditional diary girl – pen and paper through and through. I saw this video on bullet journaling the other day and am intrigued. So much so that I am considering giving it a go, but maybe in January as I don’t want to waste the remainder of my diary for this year. Have any of you tried it? I’d love to know what you think.

4) My love for flamingoes continues with these personalised notecards.

5) I have often been tempted to go off travelling on my own but have never yet taken the plunge, this post gives 5 good reasons why everyone should, at least once, travel solo (for pleasure rather than business, obvs.)

6) Always a sucker for a pom-pom, this DIY tutorial shows you how to make your own pop-pom trimmed cushions.


Aug Recipes Collage

1) Darjeeling Tea Loaf

2) Chocolate Chia Pudding with Matcha Green Tea

3) Caramel Log Swiss Roll

4) Mini Cinnamon Doughnuts