Pop goes the icicle . . .

Did you know that this week is popsicle week? No, me neither. It is only because my Instagram feed has been flooded with delicious looking popsicles (aka ice-lollies to us Brits) that I was aware of this phenomena.

Ironically I have a popsicle (ice-lolly) recipe coming up next week.

Always late to the party. Story of my life.

Don’t worry, I am all over it for next year. Whoop, only 51 weeks to go!

In the meantime, why not wander on over and have a look at the popsicles on offer this year, and the previous two as well, if you feel up to it.

And, if it is not too rude, may I remind you of the popsicles that have graced this little ol’ blog in the past:

So what more of a reason do you need? Grab yourself one of these and get freezing, as it were . . .


5 thoughts on “Pop goes the icicle . . .”

    1. Hmmm, I would say try and get one that has a lid that holds the sticks in place. The one I have is designed with kids in mind and came with those sippy handle stick thingies that catch drips, which I feel aren’t so sophisticated once you are past the age of 12! Therefore I pop the mould in the freezer and let it start to set for an hour before remembering to go out and put the sticks in. Other than that, go with what you fancy. I prefer a more rectangular shape, but you may prefer a round shape. Oh, and make sure you have adequate space in the freezer for whatever mould you get! Hope that helps 🙂


  1. Coincidence can be a bizarre thing. Today I bought a box of little lolly sachets to go in the freezer. No stick, just a tube of frozen fruit yumminess: mango and coconut. And GF and DF, so quite safe apart from the probably massive sugar content… How did I know I was MEANT to eat ice lollies today?

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      1. They’ve come a long way in recent years. These are just fresh fruit puree and ascorbic acid, not an artificial nasty to be seen. And, by the way, absolutely yummy!

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