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Help, what baking pan do I need?!

We have all been there, haven’t we. A recipe states a certain size of baking pan and we don’t have it. Can you use the equivalent size square or round pan? What if it’s deeper than the one used in the recipe? Argh! Slap it in a pan as close as possible and hope for the best.

Well, not anymore!

The lovely people over at sent me this super handy conversation chart and I just had to share it with you. You can also find it over on my Baking & Cooking Know-How board on Pinterest, if you follow me over there.


No more frustrated sighs or crossed fingers.

Well, at least not in regards to baking pans . . . sadly I can’t erase all of life’s grumbles. I wish I could.


7 thoughts on “Help, what baking pan do I need?!”

  1. BTW, what are your thoughts on the new WP Reader? Can’t say I’m too thrilled, an opinion which I’m hearing from pretty much everyone. I do wish they’d stop messing, under the guise of ‘improving’… Maybe it works for some people?


  2. Now that really is useful! Wish I’d had it the other day when I needed a 22″ fluted tart tin and only had a 24″. It has a loose base too, so I couldn’t even put water in to calculate volume… Key Lime tart with whipped coconut cream on a gingernut base… It was a bit horizontal, but extremely, massively delicious.


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