Chocolate Week Cook and Share

Today see’s the start of Chocolate Week.

For a whole 7 days you can legitimately eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And it’s not even Christmas yet!

I thought that in order to celebrate this auspicious occasion we would have a little cook and share.

All you need to do is cook / bake something with chocolate in it (it can be the main ingredient or not) and add the link to your post using the tool below  (or if you are not a fellow blogger, you can share a photo of it on Facebook).

It is that simple.

My favourite three recipes / posts will get a special shout out at the end of the week.

There’s even a free chocolate bar for every one that takes part (virtual of course, much better for the hips).

This is just for fun, and hopefully we will all discover some new bloggers along the way.

Chocolate Week Logo

Please copy the chocolate bar above and insert into your post as part of Chocolate Week Cook and Share.


8 thoughts on “Chocolate Week Cook and Share”

  1. It’s done, but I’m not at all sure I’ve done it right! I’ve also linked back to you from my post, so hopefully that’ll generate some more visits for you too.


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