Pinterest Organisation!

In some ways, over some things, I am a hoarder. In other ways, with other things, I am all please-throw-all-this-rubbish-away-because-it-will-never-ever-be-useful-and-it-is-taking-up-valuable-space-that-I-would-like-to-be-tidy-and-clutter-free.

Emails, bizarrely, are one of the things I was hoarding. I subscribe to a number of other food blogs and when I get an email with a new recipe idea I file it away in an appropriately named folder.

The trouble is that I am a visual person who works best with pictures. My head is full of images and pictures of things. If I can’t visualise it, then I can struggle to understand it. Fortunately I have a very vivid imagination so that isn’t really a problem. Although I say “I see” a lot and look up to the left when recalling information, which are tell-tale signs of a visual thinker. So I have been told.

But pages of email subject lines are not really my thing.

I have a Pinterest account under my own name, where I store ideas for the crafts that I do, and so automatically I set one up for this blog. I would pin pictures of the things I had made on there, but not much else.

Bakery Boards

This, I realised a week or so ago, is not the best use of Pinterest.

So . . .

I have spent some time over the last week organising the Bakery on Pinterest.

I have cleared down all those emails and pinned the pictures onto appropriate boards instead.

Pinterest Inspiration Boards 2

Now I have a visual store of ideas and inspiration, rather than a wordy one. Much better.

Why don’t you pop on over and have a look? If you follow the Bakery you may get the odd sneak preview of posts to come, as I sometimes put the photos on there before the post goes live (otherwise I might forget).

Disclaimer – I will warn you now that not everything on my inspiration boards is gluten-free. These are thoughts and ideas that I want to play around with and make gluten-free versions of, either for the Bakery or myself. That said, there are gluten-free things on there, naturally.

I hope to see you over there sometime.


8 thoughts on “Pinterest Organisation!”

    1. It took me ages to ‘get it’. For a while I just saw it as another ‘social media thing’ that I felt I had to subscribe to. But it is actually useful!


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